PCE 3D Laser Scanning Services

Penn Central Engineering now offers 3D Laser Scanning services fully integrated into our project delivery process. This revolutionary technology allows PCE to quickly gather millions of highly accurate measurement data points from a project site. Integrating this detailed existing site information decreases the opportunity for fitment issues or delays during construction. PCE can also monitor existing structures for attrition and settlement over time.

PCE can bring the virtual point cloud back to the office to avoid repeated interruptions to normal operations or construction activities. This technology also allows safer data acquisition for elevated areas and confined spaces.

PCE also now integrates 3D scan point clouds into our design process. This technology allows modeling new construction around existing conditions in 3D space. This innovative process is particularly useful in congested environments or where existing documentation is limited.

PCE has multiple 3D scanning platforms available appropriate to the specific scanning project. PCE can provide full-color and black & white scan data with scanning possible in low or zero light conditions.

Outputs and deliverables include fully registered point clouds for use with many current design platforms such as Autodesk's Revit® and AutoCAD® software. PCE can also provide scalable orthophotos, panoramic images, and animations.

Contact us today to discuss how 3D Laser Scanning can benefit your design process and add value to your projects.