Building Structure & Fašade Evaluation/Rehabiltation

Penn Central Engineering is your source for structural analysis and building fašade evaluation. Aging structures present ongoing maintenance challenges where costs can quickly escalate for deferred repairs. PCE can assess your unique situation and provide recommendations to address the situation.

Structural Condition Assessment and Repairs

PCE is fully experienced at performing structural evaluations and condition assessments of existing buildings and facilities. PCE can evaluate structures and make recommendations regarding repair techniques and potential construction costs. We base our reports on industry standard structural evaluation criteria.

Building Fašade Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Following a scoping meeting, PCE will perform an initial evaluation and prepare a report of our findings, including probable construction costs for repairs. Based on the conclusions and recommendations, owners can make informed decisions to prioritize and move forward with repairs or rehabilitation efforts.

Finite Element Structural Analysis

PCE uses the latest structural software platforms to perform code-based analysis and design. Above is a structural model of the steel roof trusses at the Pennsylvania State University's Bryce Jordan Center. PCE has performed structural analysis of the roof system for concerts and events hosted at this world class facility.